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The Namaste Community

Here at Namaste Village we draw from the spiritual teachings of many traditions that are centered on an individual awakening to our Oneness with God. Our primary focus are the principles found in many non-dual spiritual paths including A Course In Miracles and the Unity movement. Most important is the willingness to step into the EXPERIENCE of awakening through hearts that have opened to compassion and love. James Twyman is also a Franciscan friar and priest in the Episcopal tradition, so you'll also find a healthy dose of St. Francis energy at Namaste Village.

At Namaste Village we gather together at 10AM ET Monday - Friday to meditate, share and sing together, and on Sunday at noon ET for our Unity service (Unity Namaste of Ajijic). There are also many other classes that take place during the week including dance, book study groups, expression sessions and yoga. Shared meals give us the chance to interact and deepen our commitment to our own awakening.


Three Communities In One

Namaste Village is divided into three section: The Village, The Garden, and The Forest, all with their own unique style and expression. Developing The Village was our first priority and we now have up to sixteen full time residents. It consists of four buildings with a total of 14 units. There is also an outdoor living area where we have our morning meetings, social gatherings and movies, as well as an outdoor kitchen and dining room. Lush gardens with a wide variety of fruit trees, decks for relaxing, and even a small waterfall complete the section.

The Forest has twelve 400 square foot casitas and is on the other side of the wall from the Village. The Garden is the final section and has 14 apartments, twelve that are 300 square feet and two that are 600 square feet. 

Namaste Village is located right in the heart of Ajijic which means you can easily walk to the main square, the lake or visit the many restaurants and gift stores. Transportation is also provided for any medical appointments or special trips.


Why Retire in Lake Chapala?

Maybe it’s because the cost is so low, or perhaps it’s the amazing weather and proximity to a major airport. All we know is that the Lake Chapala region is host to as many as 10,000 ex-pats (people who live outside their home country) year round, and many of them are moving here because there’s a spiritual renaissance taking place. There’s very little crime in the area with plenty of activities, great restaurants and clubs. And many people can easily live on their social security check alone.

Let’s face it, retiring in North America can be a little scary these days. Uncertainty about income and rising prices are leading many people to consider their options. That’s why living at Namaste Lake Chapala is so attractive. Not only will you have your own tiny house but you’ll be living in a supportive, spiritual environment for decades to come. And we’ve even brought the cost down so almost anyone can afford to live here. We’d love to send you more info so send us an email right away at:

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